Partnership for 21st Century Skills

The site is very interesting. I focused in on the resources, of course, as I want to make sure I am integrating technology and 21st Century skills together in my classroom. The information I read helped to get me thinking about how I can expand on how I am teaching 21st Century skills currently and how I can make my lessons even better.
Under Exemplars, check out the Route 21 link. Take a tour and view the resources they have in different categories as they relate to educators, professional development, etc.
I agree with the mission statement and feel that 21st Century skills are not being discussed or emphasized enough in education therefore leading to the gap between those skills and core content.
Another great item on this site is the Above and Beyond video. Watch to see how even though we may be given all the same tools, how we intepret their use and how they are used can open up a whole other world for each person. Plus there is a poster you can download to share in your classroom. It may inspire discussion in the classroom regarding the 4C’s: Communication, Collaboration, Critcal Thinking, and Creativity.
I enjoyed this sight very much. I even signed up for the newsletter.


Blogging in the classroom. Is it useful?

Still new to blogging but trying to figure out how to use it to enhance my lessons.  Most of my students have told me about their blogs and that they enjoy “talking” about all kinds of things in this manner.  If this is a preferred method of communication among high school age kids (the age group I teach) why not try to integrate a topic of discussion into my classroom?  So here is my idea:  Have students blog about nutrition levels for expecting mothers and how does that change for the child and the mother after the birth of the baby?  Students would “go global” and find out about nutrition in other states, countries, and time zones.  Other factors to consider would be age, race, geographical location, economic status, and cultural.  Students could research areas where nutrition is a problem and perhaps start there.  With the information they would gather through blogging, students could create a chart of information and pinpoint specific cause and effect relating to nutrition for expecting mothers and their babies.  What do you think?

Technology changing the way we educate

Over the last few years, we have witnessed the acceleration of technology being used in our personal lives.  Depending on your area and funds available, this technology is making its way into the classrooms thus requiring teachers to refresh their lesson plans by using technology instead of textbooks and whiteboards to engage students.  Until recently, I was not sure how I could keep up with the evolution of technology and integrate that information into the classroom in a manner that would meet education goals without being overshadowed by the “bells and whistles” usually associated with new and better ways of doing things.  That being said, I am open to searching and researching ways to help my students learn in the way that technology is already showing them they should be learning.

I teach Family and Consumer Science (Home Economics back in my day) and most of my lessons are hands-on project and problem based learning opportunities.  The subjects I cover related to early childhood education, nutrition, and interior design.  I would love to find interactive opportunities to share information with my students and also, projects that would allow them to use technology, that I understand as well, when they complete and submit their assignments. Obviously, I need tutorials so if anyone would like to provide me with a few topics, websites, or resources to check out, I would welcome your input.  Thanks!