Developing a GAME Plan

Technology has not always been my strong suit. I did not grow up using various technologies to complete assignments nor did I use technology to do research or document progress. Fortunately, I realized after four years of teaching that if I was going to do a proper service for the students, then I would have to embrace the technology that confused and befuddled me most of the time. So here I am doing all I can to understand and master technology resources and tools in order to engage my students. By modeling technology on a regular basis in the classroom, I believe students will be more receptive to mastering technology while retaining the course content for a successful future.
As I prepare my GAME plan for integrating technology in the classroom, I am aware that my approach will must take into consideration that students’ learning will be two-fold. First of all, it is essential that students feel confident that I am comfortable with the tools being used. Therefore, the first indicator that I would focus on would be to Model Digital-Age Work and Learning. When I demonstrate to my students that I actually use the tools that I am presenting to them, I feel that I can be more effective and engaging as a teacher. Students will be able to learn from my example and therefore, are more likely to grasp the technology presented. They are also more likely to use these tools in other areas of their life including other courses of study. When students see that I can easily move from one technology tool to another, they will have the confidence to embrace the technology themselves and perhaps have the confidence to explore additional tools on their own.
The second indicator that I believe is essential to making sure students are motivated to use technology is to Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity. When students are given the opportunity to explore their own interests and create a product that has meaning to them, they will expand on that interest and thus cultivate innovation and creativity through authentic experiences. My classroom is a place where hands on, project based learning is essential to students’ success. Creating opportunities for students to be inspired by course content through the use of technology, will initiate an evolution of the traditional research and project based assignments. If I can create an environment where students are allowed to self-guide through problems, teaching and learning will happen not just from my point of view as the teacher but to some degree I will become the student as well.
Over the last several months, I have met with colleagues who teach Web Design and Computer Applications. They have much to share in the way of technology and have offered examples of ways to bring technology into my classroom. From discussions I have had with my Personal Learning Community, I understand that I do not need to “reinvent the wheel” everyday but instead implement tools that I feel comfortable using and the students will pick up on that and their confidence will grow as well.
Also, I will rely on feedback from the students to learn how well they adapted to using technology in the classroom to evaluate what I need to change and if re-teaching is necessary or if more practice would be beneficial. I would provide students with a questionnaire relating to a project and the technology used to facilitate that project to determine if it was useful, informative, allowed for creativity, and whether they would use these resources again. The information discovered here would help me to gauge what my students enjoyed and what they did not.
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International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)and Performance Indicators for Teachers, (2003)


3 thoughts on “Developing a GAME Plan

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  2. Tabatha,
    I agree with you on the process of having students take a part in the evaluation process of the GAME plan. After all, we are doing everything we can to meet 21st century skills and iste standards; we have to make sure that what we are using is “user friendly” for our students. If the students do not enjoy the new lessons and if they do not learn content from them, we have to change these failing lessons. It is of upmost importance that our students see us modeling the technology, that we may have to teach them the technology and that it is being used correctly in the lesson plan.
    Deborah Carchidi

    • Deborah,
      I have found that many of my students have favorite technology tools that they prefer to use outside of the classroom. Simply by opening up that discussion in class, I realized that they are willing to share their own experiences and introduce me to what they already know. This is beneficial on so many levels but mainly because it builds the teacher-student relationship by assuring the students that what they have to say counts. So far I have learned to use Prezi through my students’ help and I have discovered Tumbler. The fact that the students see my interest in what they enjoy makes it easier for me to persuade them to try something new and challenging. It also inspires me to find more useful tech tools to keep up with the changes that are occurring every single day. Even if not all of my lessons incorporate technology tools, students will see that I am regularly researching, practicing, and building technology resources for all of us.

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