Implementing the GAME plan

The lesson that I have created will have students in my Introduction to Early Childhood Education class researching different types of schooling programs. Students will compare two programs and write an essay that is based on their opinion of which program they would choose for their own children and why.
As I prepare for implementation of my GAME plan, the first thought should be the Goal of the lesson. What do I want the students to learn today? I actually have two goals in mind. First of all, since this is a class that introduces potential future teachers to the foundations of education, I want them to have an understanding of children and the ways children learn. To that end, this assignment would require students to explore the types of instructional programs that are available and the instructional philosophy behind each one. Secondly, I would want the students to become familiar with a technology tool that would be useful to now and in the future.
Keeping in mind the NETS indicators I stated previously, I will put my plan into Action by demonstrating a technology tool called Spiderscribe. This tool is easy to use and is beneficial to all types of learners especially those who respond to visual learning. Spiderscribe is provides students with a means of organizing their notes and pictures to create a concept map. Students will use this tool to identify the characteristics of two educational programs for children such as home schooling versus public schooling. Their research will be displayed in a manner that will clearly state the advantages of each program and how they compare to one another. I will model a similar activity for my students so that they can follow along with each step. They will be given a paper copy, as well, of the graphic organizer and/or concept map that I used to make notes as I make my presentation using my computer to project the information onto the white board in the classroom.
In order to Motivate the students to meet the requirements of the project fully, I will give them an opportunity to create a concept map initially about a topic of interest to them. Students will be encouraged to use colors, pictures, clip art, and even embed video and even music into their map. In this manner, I hope to stimulate individual creativity. For the main project, their own creativity will be used once again to enrich the content and information they discover during the research process.
The Evaluation process will begin with the first “practice” assignment. I will have students explain their process and why their concept map is important to them. Students will be asked about the creative aspect of this project and if they felt that self-expression made the project easier or more difficult. I will review their graphics and the way the information is laid out. Students will be asked how certain points relate to their main idea. With this information in hand, I will be able to identify where students may have misunderstood how to use the concept map procedure and/or discern whether this visual representation of their idea was accurate. The evaluation of the “real” project will show whether students were able to use this tool for information not familiar to them. Also, they will be evaluated on how well they displayed the characteristics and comparisons of the two programs. Students will present their maps to the class. Students will be allowed to ask the presenter questions for clarification as well. This type of peer feedback would be helpful for making changes or adjustments that could be made for future assignments and projects. Finally, students will be asked to evaluate Spiderscribe as a graphic tool to help organize their thoughts and research. Students’ feedback will be relevant as more technology tools are introduced throughout the course.


One thought on “Implementing the GAME plan

  1. Tabitha,
    I am so excited to meet a fellow FACS teacher pursuing technology. Spiderscribe is an excellent way to engage your students in technology. I looked back to your last blog to see what standards and proficiency indicators you are focusing on with your GAME plan. Using Spiderscribe with your students can do a great job of supporting Standard 1.4, which is to “model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students, colleagues, and others in face-to-face and virtual environments” (ISTE, 2008). Spiderscribe is a very easy tool to use and one that students can pick up on very quickly. I think engaging your students in the creation of a concept map as they do research on a topic of personal interest is a great idea. You might consider taking this a step further by having a group of students do the research and collaborate on the creation of the map. One of the great things about Spiderscribe is that it can be a collaborative tool and students can work simultaneously from their own computers to create categories, add links, pictures, and video clips to one central map. Since a link to the map can be shared, other students can be invited to look at the map prior to the discussion and use a rubric or checklist to provide feedback.

    Another approach I have found extremely successful and user friendly is Edmodo. The interface is similar to Facebook and allows the teacher to create assignments, upload Power Points, links, documents, and even create small groups for instant chat. If you would like to see an example of how it can be used in the classroom, I would be happy to invite you. All you need is an Edmodo account, which is free.

    Good luck with your activities. It sounds like you are well on your way to engaging students in the use of digital tools to construct knowledge..


    International Society for Technology in Education. (2008). National education standards for teachers (NETS-T). Retrieved from

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