Monitoring GAME Plan Progress

My GAME plan is coming together. Students are excited to use technology in a new way. They are equally excited to hear that they will be able to make their first graphic organizer be all about themselves. The opportunity to show their creativity and express themselves in this manner is a true motivator.
I have found the technology tool I need to use. The demonstration video was helpful to the students. I also discovered that they also have access to the Inspiration tool that I have on my own school lap top. This tool has templates for concept maps and graphic organizers that these future teachers can print and save in their portfolio for future use.
As I prepare for this lesson plan, I am reminded that students so not always search the internet correctly. Sometimes they type in key words and use the first source they find without considering whether the information comes from a reliable source or not. I will have to prepare a list of web sites that students will use in order to find the information they need to compare child care programs. Furthermore, they will need to add information about theorists who may have contributed to the formation of the programs they chose. Web sites for this information will have to be previewed and added to the list of web resources for students.
To date, I feel more confident about integrating technology in my lessons. I understand that technology can take the place of markers and poster board from time to time. It is important to be open to changing our lesson plans a bit, look for new ways to energize our lessons, and further engage students in learning. This process takes time. However, I believe that doing the research and modeling the usage of technology in the classroom will prove to be overwhelmingly beneficial to me and to my students in the long run.
Future considerations that I have are what other kinds of technology tools can be easily accessed by me and my students both at school and home. Additionally, I would like to find out how to create blogs and wikis in the classroom as we prepare for future research activities. The last thing I would like to always know is how students felt about the tools they used and if they feel that they could use that tool in other areas of their lives.


One thought on “Monitoring GAME Plan Progress

  1. Tabatha,

    As you may have realized by now, technology is a GREAT motivator for all students. Anytime we infuse the use of technology into our lessons we are offering our students a more unique way to express themselves. Last week you mentioned that you were going to implement the use of spiderscribe, this is a great tool to use when creating concept maps. You mentioned this week that you will be using inspiration, which also is a great tool to use when creating graphic organizers or concept maps. Your students will definitely enjoy using these tools, since they will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the topic they are researching.

    From reading your post, I must say that you sound very excited about the implementation of technology into your class. Technology has the ability to take simple lessons to the next level, and at the same time motivate students. Yes this can be time consuming, but once you get into the hang of it, it becomes second nature. Modeling is a great way to show students how to utilize technology, especially if it is new to them.

    You mentioned that you were interested in developing both a class blog and wiki, check out the following web resources, they should be able to provide you with the information you need.


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